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If I don’t post an update to Save A Prayer in the next 48 hours, you all have permission to slap me.

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Pocket Pass – auselysium – Call Me By Your Name (2017) [Archive of Our Own]


Chapters: 12/?
Fandom: Call Me By Your Name (2017), Call Me by Your Name – André Aciman
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver/Elio Perlman, Oliver/Chiara, Marzia/Elio Perlman
Characters: Oliver, Elio Perlman, Mr. Perlman, Marzia, Chiara
Additional Tags: College AU, Alternate Universe, oliver plays football, Alternate Universe – Modern Setting, Modern Era, eventual angst, eventual hurt/comfort

Closeted Northwestern University starting quarterback Oliver Sugarman hooks up with Elio Perlman on his last night on a team trip to Rome, thanks to Grindr.

What they both think will be a one night stand turns complicated when Elio shows up on campus for the fall semester and in Oliver’s Plato seminar.

Modern College AU.

**Elio celebrates his birthday.  Which means he has some apologizing to do.**

I’m so happy I got this chapter out to you all.  I’m going to make a post about what’s going on but yeah…you have no idea how much your support, reblogs, likes, kudos, messages, notes and comments mean to me right now!!

Can’t say I’m thrilled with this chapter.  It happened very differently from how I pictured it! But who knows…maybe it’ll be ok!

Pocket Pass – auselysium – Call Me By Your Name (2017) [Archive of Our Own]

“I’ve been jotting down some ideas!”: a ficlet – Deuxième Partie (that means “Part 2″)


If you haven’t read the first part please shimmy your way down my blog as I have just posted it again. Here is the dramatic conclusion! :p ;D

Luca waves his hand in front of Armie’s eyes to wake him from his reverie.

Luca: “Armie!! Tesoro! You cannot be seeereeous with some of thees!” He points to a page. “Thees entire page, weech ees reeten in very verrry small font with reedeeculus margins…”

Armie: (blushing only slightly, he will not be bowed) “It’s Times New Roman size 12 and the margins were only slightly narrowed.”

Luca: He waves the screenplay frantically. “There ees NO WAY thees ees 12 point. Eet ees, AT MOST, 11!”

Armie: (composed and slightly indignant) “It’s a standard size font.”

Luca: “Reeegardless! Thees eentire page is a deescreepshon of Elio…como si dice…’eating out’? Yes? Eating Oleeever out! I mean, how would I feelm that!?!”

Armie:  (dignified) “I believe you will find the analingus is true to the story.”

Luca: “…And how would that even work caro mio! Your ass would suffocate poor Teemy! Eeet ees too beeg!” He holds up a hand and looks at Armie “No offense amore!”

Armie: (standing up) “Luca believe me when I say that it is COMPLETELY possible and that Ti–…mm-Elio knows how to handle that ass!” He looks around the room. “I need a drink now goddamn it!”

Luca: “What would you like? I have brandy!”

Armie: (waving Luca off) “I don’t care. Whatever gets me drunk soon-ish.”

Luca pours Armie a drink, hands it to him and then sits down to look at his “screenplay” again.

Luca: “I mean, some of the dialogue Eees pretty good! Though I admit, it sounds a leetal familiar…”

Armie: (perking up) “Oh? Which lines?”

Luca: “ ‘Elio: You are my road map. I will follow you to the ends of the earth, brother. Now please fuck my mouth.’ Okay not that last part but thee ferst part sounded fameelear.”

Armie: (shrugs) “Well Timmy e-mailed me some ideas and I incorporated them as best I could. The–” He makes air quotes “‘eating out’ scene was his idea!”

Luca: (flipping through the pages with a smirk) “Was thee shower sex scene hees idea as well?”

Armie: (clearing his throat and looking down at his shoes) “Ahem, that was a collaboration.”

Luca puts the script down on the coffee table. He leans in towards Armie.

Luca: “Piccino! Ees thees ‘screenplay’ basically a transcript of your and Teemy’s sexting sessions?!”

Armie looks aghast and reddens to the marrow of his bones.

Armie: “Whaaaaaa–! Luca! I…wha–How…”

Luca looks at him indulgently. He goes to kiss Armie on the cheek and gives him a hug.

Luca: “Mio dio! What have I done! You poor loveseek baybeeees!! Luca you must not play Cupido ever again!!!”

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@maraskolnikova This is brilliant! Oh, poor Luca, bless his soul. He means well. Love it!